Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

“Be the change you want to see in this world". 
These lines by Mahatma Gandhi were the inspiration for us when we took a very small baby step towards cleanliness on the occasion of the Flag off of the "Swachta Divas”.  In consonance with the national initiative of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi the “Swachha Bharat Abhiyan”, all the NIOH family members participated on the auspicious day Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October, 2014. In this occasion, several events were organized. In the morning session, the programme started with a welcome address followed by the oath for dedicating oneself to cleanliness. Dr Sunil Kumar, NIOH Director-in-charge said that there was a need to hear the inner voice of our principles that would drive us all to the dominion of development since the human mind can’t give its best unless it operates from a clean environment. The Director-in-charge made an appeal to all NIOH staff members to clean environment at their homes, in their workplace, in their surrounding areas and spends at least two hours a week for it. In this session, chief guest Dr Sandeep Chauhan from Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar delivered popular talk on importance of cleaning and how we clean ourselves. Also, he elaborated about relation between health and cleanness. Dr Chauhan made this session very interactive and gave the answer of queries raised by students and staff members. A poster completion among students was also organized with theme of “Cleanliness and Hygiene". NIOH Staff members, students and faculty members of Raksha Shakti University Ahmedabad actively participated in this occasion.
Next part of the program, the NIOH staff members divided in different teams. The every team visited all corners of the NIOH campus with broom and baskets and provided ‘Shramdan’ (“श्रमदान”) to clean the campus.
Last part of the program, a training session to create awareness on cleanliness for a cleaner India among cleaning workers of Sulabh Ltd and construction workers was organized by NIOH ENVIS Centre. The session was stared with welcome speech by Dr L K Sharma Co-coordinator of NIOH ENVIS centre. Dr. Jai Karan, Regional Director- Regional Office for Health and Family Welfare Ahmedabad was Chief-Guest and Keynotes speaker on this session. He privileged the cleaning workers on this special day. He praised cleaning workers for their work towards society and talked about safety during cleaning works. He emphasized the progressive development of clean nation with the efforts we can put forward for the same in his speech. Cleaning workers expose to chemical and dust, therefore, Acid Proof Glove and facemask as a small gesture to protect themselves from their daily work related problems were distributed among cleaning workers in this events. A power point presentation was given which included making the workers sensitive towards issues of unclean and unsafe work environment and at the personal front. NIOH ENVIS team members were also present in this session.