S. No. Name Designation Email
1 MR C SOMASEKHAR Accounts Officer c.somasekhar[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
2 MR R K THAKUR Administrative Officer  
3 MR A N PANDYA Administrative Officer pandya.ak[at]gov[dot]in
4 MR P M CHACKO PS TO DIRECTOR chacko.pm[at]gov[dot]in
5 MR JITENDRA J ARORA Section Officer arora.jj[at]gov[dot]in
6 MR D T MODI Section Officer modi.dt[at]gov[dot]in
7 MRS SUNITA KERKETTA Section Officer kerketta.sh[at]gov[dot]in
8 MRS PARUL MODI Section Officer modi.p[at]gov[dot]in
9 MR NISHAD DARJI ASSTT darji.nishad[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
10 MR GAURAV ANAND ASSTT anand[dot]grv[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
11 MR RAJENDRA MANDALIA ASSTT mandaliya.rr[at]gov[dot]in
13 MR MANOJ RAJKUMAR CHAWLA PA chawla.mr[at]gov[dot]in
14 MR ROADMAL PURALAL PORWAL JR HINDI TRANSLATOR porwal.rm[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
15 MS RUKSHANA GHANCHI ASSTT ghanchi.rr[at]gov[dot]in
16 MRS A D PANDYA TELE OP CUM RECEPTIONIST pandya.ad[at]gov[dot]in
17 MRS SINDHU ACHARYA STENO acharya.si[at]gov[dot]in
18 MR P B PANCHAL UDC panchal.pb[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
19 MR DHIREN MISTRY LDC mistry.da[at]gov[dot]in
20 MR DHAVAL DAVE LDC dave.da[at]gov[dot]in
21 MR MOHMMEDSAKIB SAIYED LDC saiyed.msr[at]gov[dot]in
22 MS HEMLATA RAWAT LDC ( LIBRARY CLERK) rawat.h[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
23 MR NARENDAR KUMAR LDC (HINDI TYPIST) narendar.k[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
24 MR NIRAJBHAI RATHOD LDC rathod.na[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
25 MS PRANALI SHUKLA LDC shukla.pv[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
26 MR YOGESH K GAJJAR TECH-A gajjar.yk[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
27 MR VINOD RATHOD TECH-A rathod.v[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
28 MR UNMESH JOSHI SR. DRIVER joshi.ur[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
29 MR VIJAYPARMAR DRIVER parmar.vr[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
30 MR RAMKRISHNA MAHAJAN DRIVER mahajan.rm[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
31 MR SURENDRA BARAIYA DRIVER baraiya.sr[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
32 MR BHARAT KSHIRSAGAR DRIVER kshirsagar.bd[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
33 MR MUKESH KUMAR SEJU DRIVER pseju.mk[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
34 MR RAJUBHAI SOLANKI MTS (Gen) solanki.rk[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
35 MR BHAVESH PRAJAPATI MTS(Gen) prajapati.bn[at]gov[dot]in
36 MR KANTILAL SHRIMALI MTS(Gen) shrimali.km[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
37 MR MAHEMOOD BHAI MIR MTS(Gen) rmir.mdb[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
38 MR NAVALJI DAMOR MTS(Gen) damor.nb[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
39 MR JAYANTIBHAI SUTHAR MTS(Gen) suthar.jl[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
40 MR AMRUTBHAI VAGHELA MTS(Gen) vaghela.ac[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
41 MRS LEELABEN CHAUHAN MTS(Gen) chauhan.l[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
42 MR JASHUBHAI G MAKWANA MTS(Gen) makwana.j[at]gov[dot]in
43 MRS MANJULABEN SOLANKI MTS(Gen) solanki.mj[at]gov[dot]in
Note: Above list does not reveal the seniority and it is not for measure the seniority. Last update 06/04/2019