Dr C K Pradhan
Designation Scientist-E & Officer-in-Charge
Divsion ROHC(E), Kolkata
Email pradhan[dot]ck[at]gov[dot]in; pradhanck[at]gmail[dot]com
Contact +91-9433499601

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph. D. (Physiology)


  • Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologiest of India (Life Member).
  • Indian Association of Occupational Health (Life Member).
  • Indian Science Congress Association (Life Member).
  • Indian Society of Ergonomics (Founder Member).
  • Physiological Society of India(Life Member).


  • Smt. Shakuntala Dasgupta Memorial Oration 2011 by The Physiological Society of India
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow : Université du Québec à Montréal, Québec, Canada

Research Interest

  • Ergonomics and assessment of occupational health hazards


  • Number of Publications : 38

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