Dr. Chandan Kumar Pradhan

Present Designation

Scientist 'E'

Education Qualification

PhD (Physiology)

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  1. Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologiest of India (Life Member).
  2. Indian Association of Occupational Health (Life Member).
  3. Indian Science Congress Association (Life Member).
  4. Indian Society of Ergonomics (Founder Member).
  5. Physiological Society of India(Life Member).


  1. Smt. Shakuntala Dasgupta Memorial Oration 2011 by The Physiological Society of India
  2. Post-Doctoral Fellow : Université du Québec à Montréal, Québec, Canada

Foreign Visits


Research Interest

Ergonomics and assessment of occupational health hazards

Number of Publications

(a) International Journal: 14 (b) National Journal: 13 (c) Book-07

Selected Publications

  1. Pradhan CK, Goswami A, Ghosh SN, Nag PK. Evaluation of working with spade in agriculture. Indian J Med Res 1986; 84: 424-9.

  2. Pradhan CK, Goswami A, Ashtekar SP, Nag PK. Use of wireclaw in railway track maintenance work. J Human Ergol 1988; 17: 37-42.

  3. Nag PK, Pradhan CK. Ergonomics in the hoeing operation. Int J Industrial Ergonomics 1992 (Special Issue: Agricultural Ergonomics); 10: 341-50.

  4. Pradhan CK, Nag PK. Influence of air flow on skin temperature. J Human Ergol 1993; 22: 151-61.

  5. Pradhan CK, Thakur S. Subjective assessment of work stresses in the automobile transport sector. Ergonomics SA 2002; 14: 2-7.

  6. Pradhan CK, Thakur S. Ergonomic evaluation of workload of food-grain handlers. In: Ray GG, Ganguli AK and Nag PK (Eds). Humanizing Work and Work Environment. Mumbai: Quest Publication, 2003 p. 502-506.

  7. Pradhan CK, Thakur S, Chowdhury AR. Physiological and subjective assessment of food grain handling workers at West Godavari District, India. Industrial Health, 45 (2007) 165-169.

  8. Pradhan CK, Thakur S, Mukherjee A, Roychowdhury A. Energy expenditure of cycle rickshaw pullers in different places in India. Ergonomics 2008; 51 : 1407-17.

  9. Pradhan CK, Thakur S, Mukherjee A, Anthropometric characteristics of Indian cycle rickshaw pullers. J Human Ergology 2010; 39 : 79-88.

  10. Manna D, Thakur S, Pradhan CK, Physiological changes in cycle rickshaw pullers after strenuous exercise. Int J Occ Safety & Health 2012; 2 : 23-26