Dr. Debabrata Biswas

Present Designation

Scientist 'D'

Education Qualification

M.Sc., Ph. D., B. Ed.

Contact Number

+91-9434288589, 9933220447

Email Address

dbiswasicmrpb(AT)rediffmail{DOT)com, debubiswas{AT}gmail{DOT}com


Life member of Indian Leptospirosis society



Foreign Visits


Research Interest

Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Number of Publications

(a) International Journal: 11 (b) National Journal: 06 (c) Book - 01

Selected Publications

  1. Natarajaseenivasan K., Vijayachari P., Sharma S., Roy S., Sugunan A.P., Biswas D., Sehgal, S.C. 2005. Phylogenetic relatedness among leptospiral strains belonging to same serovar recovered from patients with different clinical syndromes. Genet. Evol. 5(2):185-191

  2. Roy S., Biswas D., Vijayachari P., Sugunan AP, Sehgal SC. 2005. A clone of Leptospira interrogans sensu stricto is the major cause of leptospirosis in the archipelago of Andaman & Nicobar islands, India. Letters in Applied Microbiol, 41: 179‚ÄĒ185.

  3. Biswas D., Roy S., Vijayachari P., Sugunan A.P., Natarajaseenivasan K., Sehgal S.C. 2005: Comparison of immunoreactive proteins of commonly circulatiÓg se2ogpoups of Leptospira in Andaman islands, India. Indian Journal of Medical Research. 121: 151-8
  4. Roy S., Biswas D., Vijayachari P, Sugunan A.P., Sehgal S.C. 2004. A 22-mer primer enhances discriminatory power of AP-PCR fingerprinting technique in characterization of leptospires. Trop Med Int Health. 9 (11): 1203-1209.
  5. Roy S., Biswas D., Vijayachari P., Sugunan A.P, Sehgal S.C. 2003. Antigenic and genetic relatedness of Leptospira strains isolated from Andaman islands in 1929 and 2001. J Med Microbiol, 52: 909-911.
  6. Hens D.K., Saha D.R., Roy S, Biswas D., Kumar R. 2003. Histopathological study of rabbit intestinal mucosa infected with hybrid strain of Shigella dysenteriae 1 carrying LPS biosynthesis genes of Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium. FEMS microbiology Letters. 219: 215-218.
  7. Roy S., Hens D., Biswas D., Biswas Dipa., Kumar R. 2002. Survey of petroleum-degrading bacteria in the coastal waters of Sunderban Biosphere Reserve. World J Microbiology &Biotechnoolgy. 18: 575-581.
  8. Sehgal S.C., Biswas D., Sugunan A.P., Vijayachari P. 2002. Molecular tools in leptospirosis diagnosis and characterization of isolates. 34, (suppl 2): 163-169 (2003).
  9. Bhattacharya M., Roy S. S, Biswas D., Kumar R. 2000. Effect of Mg++ ion in protein secretion by magnesium resistant strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from coastal water of Haldia Port. FEMS Microbiology Letters. 185: 151-156.
  10. Roy S. S., Bhattacharya M., Biswas D., Kumar R. 1999. Study on the microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon as oil pollutant in the coastal water of Deltaic Sunderbans. Biosphere Reserves and Management in India. 107-110.