Dr. L. K. Sharma

Present Designation

Scientist "C'

Education Qualification

M. Tech. (CSE), Ph. D. (Computer Science)

Contact Number


Email Address


sharmalk {AT} icmr {DOT} org {DOT} in


  1. Association for Computing Machinery
  2. IEEE
  3. DAAD Alumni Germany
  4. Computer Society of India
  5. Indian Association of Occupational Health
  6. International Association of Engineers


DAAD Fellow Germany

Foreign Visits

Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland

Research Interest

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Data Mining

Number of Publications

(a) International Journal: 36 (b) National Journal: 04 (c) Book: 01

Selected Publications

  1. Majumder J and Sharma LK (2014). Application of Data Mining Techniques to Audiometric Data among Professionals in India. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 3(23): 2960- 2971.
  2. Sharma LK and Bhatia K (2014). "Building an Institutional Repository for National Institute of Occupational Health: A Case Study", e-Library Science Research Journal 2(8):12-18.
  3. Sharma LK, Baudha K and Sharma N (2014). " Towards Computational Model for Climate Change", International Journal of Environmental Sciences 4(5), 816-822.
  4. Hota HS, Sharma LK and Pavani S (2014). " Fuzzy Topsis Method Applied for Ranking of Teacher in Higher Eduction", Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 243, 1225-1232.
  5. Sharma LK, Scheider S, Kloesgen W and Vyas O P (2008). “Efficient Clustering Technique for Regionalisation of a Spatial Database”, International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining, 3(1), pp. 66-81.
  6. Tiwari AK, Sharma LK, Ramakrishana G (2013) “Comparative Study of Artificial Neural Network based Classification for Liver Patient”, Journal of Information Engineering and Applications, 3(4), pp. 1-5.
  7. Sharma LK and Rungta S (2012),"The Data Mining Approaches for Multi-Class Protein Fold Recognition", Int. J. of Biometrics and Bioinformatics, June 2012, ISSN: 0974-9675 DOI: BB062012005
  8. Sharma LK, Vyas OP and Scheider S (2010), “Nearest Neighbour Classification for Trajectory Data”, Springer Verlag CCIS, 101, pp. 180–185, 2010.
  9. Roy DK and Sharma LK (2010) “Genetic K-Means Clustering Algorithm For Mixed Numeric And Categorical Data Sets”, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJAIA), Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 23-28, April 2010, ISSN 0976-2191.
  10. Vyas R, Sharma LK, Vyas OP, Scheider S (2008), “Associative Classifier for Predictive Analytics: Comparative Performance Study” IEEE, EMS, pp. 289-294, 2008, DOI: 10.1109/EMS.2008.29
  11. Vyas R, Sharma LK and Tiwari US (2007) “Exploring SPARM (Spatial Association Rule Mining) for Geo-Decision Support System”, Journal of Computer Science 3(12):882-886, 2007 New York, ISSN: 1549-3636.
  12. Sharma LK, Vyas OP and Tiwary US, Vyas R (2005) “A Novel Approach of Multilevel Positive and Negative Association Rule Mining for Spatial Databases”, Springer Verlag LNAI 3587, pp. 620 – 629, 2005, Berlin Heidelberg.