Dr S D Mishra
Designation Scientist-C
Divsion Biostatistics and Data Management
Email sd[dot]mishra[at]gov[dot]in
Contact +91-79-22688843

Academic Qualifications

  • B Sc (Maths, Stats, Computer Sc)
  • M Stat
  • Ph D (Statistics)


  • Life member of International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Medical Statistics(ISMS)


  • Qualified UGC-NET
  • Received Driving Excellence Award by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. for departmental work performance, 2011.

Research Interest

  • Occupational and Environmental Health, Occupational Epidemiology, Randomized Control Trials, Missing Data Analysis


  • Number of Publications :10

  1. Shirish Ashtekar, SukhDev Mishra, Vishal Kapadia, Pranab Nag, Gyanendra Singh. (2019) “Workplace heat exposure management in Indian construction workers using cooling garment”, Workplace Health & Safety, 67(1), 18–26

  2. Rajendra Palkhade, Suresh Yadav, SukhDev Mishra, Jaseer Muhamed. (2018) “Acute oral toxicity of pesticide combination (acephate 50% and imidacloprid 1.8% as active ingredients) in Sprague-Dawley rats”, Veterinary world, 11(9), 1291-1297

  3. Amrita Gupta, Yogita Dwivedi, Sumi Saxena, Uma Srivastava, Sandeep Mangla, Sukhdev Mishra. “A randomized control study of dexmedetomidine versus fentanyl as an anesthetic adjuvant in supratentorial craniotomies”, Anaesthesia, Pain & Intensive Care 2017 21(3):306-311

  4. Ashtekar Shirish , Vishal Kapadia, Sanjeev Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Sukhdev Mishra, Gyanendra Singh (2015),  “Effectiveness of Cooling Jacket with Reference to Physiological Responses in Iron Foundry Workers”,  International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 2016, 22(4): 87-493.

  5. Jayasankar Pillai, Riddhi Patel, Alka Banker, J Rajarajeswari, SukhDev Mishra, “Morphometric Analysis of Maxillary Central Incisor to Determine its Crown Form: A Model-based Cross-sectional Study”, Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine  2016,  2(4): 213-218

  6. Khushbu Vaghela, Heena Oza, Vinit Mishra, Anil Gautam, Yogendra Verma, Sukhdev Mishra, Sunil Kumar “Relationship between Thyroid Profile with Reproductive Hormones and Semen Quality” American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences  2016, 21(1): 250-258

  7. Sukhdev Mishra.“Service Sector Statistics –Implications for 21st century” Sankhyavignan, Dec 2014 :41-45

  8. Sukhdev Mishra, Diwakar Khare, “On comparative performance of multiple imputation methods for moderate to large proportions of missing data in clinical trials: a simulation study”, Journal of Medical statistics and Informatics 2014, 2: 9

  9. Mohan Appaiahgari, Roger Glass, Shakti Singh, Sunita Taneja, Temsunaro Rongsen-Chandola, Nita Bhandari, Sukhdev Mishra, Sudhanshu Vrati. “Transplacental rotavirus IgG interferes with immune response to live oral rotavirus vaccine ORV-116E in Indian infants” , Vaccine 2014, 32(6): 651-656.

  10. Madan Kundu, Sukhdev Mishra, Diwakar Khare, “Specificity and Sensitivity of Normality Tests” Proceedings of the International Symposium on Optimization and Statistics (ISOS-2008), 29th -31st Dec, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India

  11. Uma Srivastava, Aditya Kumar, Surekha Saxena, Abhijeet Mishra, Namita Saraswat, Sukhdev Mishra,  “Effect of preoperative gabapentin on postoperative pain and tramadol consumption after minilap open cholecystectomy: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial”  European Journal of Anesthesiology 2010; 27 (4): 331-335.

  12. Uma Srivastava, Amrita Gupta, Surekha Saxena, Aditya Kumar, Saroj Singh,Namita Saraswat, Abhijeet R Mishra, Ashish Kannaujia, Sukhdev Mishra, “Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia during Labour: Effect of Addition of Background Infusion on Quality of Analgesia & Maternal Satisfaction” Indian Journal of Anaesthesia 2009; 53 (6):649-653