Mr. Pankaj B Doctor

Present Designation

Scientist 'E'

Education Qualification

M. Sc.

Contact Number


Email Address

doctorpb{AT}icmr{DOT}org{DOT}in; pbdoctor{AT}rediffmail{DOT}com


  1. Association of Microbiologists of India (Life Member)
  2. Indian Association of Occupational Health (Life Member)
  3. International Society for Research on Civilization Diseases and Environment (Group India) (Life Member)
  4. Action Council against Tobacco- India (Life Member)



Foreign Visits

Singapore, Netherland, UK

Research Interest

  • Bioaerosol monitoring of agricultural and industrial environment and its relation to occupational lung diseases
  • Biological monitoring of various metabolites toxic pollutants samples as biomarkers of exposure

Number of Publications

(a) International Journal: 20 (b) National Journal:12

Selected Publications

  1. Sinha, S. N., Bhatnagar, V. K., Doctor, Pankaj, Tuteja, G. S., Agnihotri, N. P., Kalra, R. L. “ A novel method for pesticide analysis in refined sugar samples using a gas chromatography- mass spectrometer (GC-MS/MS) and simple solvent extraction method. Food Chemistry; 126:379-386, 2011.
  2. Doctor, P. B., Bhagia, L.J., Derasari, A. Y., Vyas, J. B., Amin, R. J. and Ghosh, S. K. “A Preliminary Study on Gram negative Bacteria (GNB) and Their Endotoxins in a Gin House in India J Occup. Environ Hygiene, 3: 707-712, 2006.

  3. J.R. Parikh, V.N. Gokani, P.B. Doctor, P.K. Kulkarni, and H.N. Saiyed. Acute and Chronic Health Effects due to Green Tobacco Exposure in Agricultural Workers. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 47: 494-499, 2005.

  4. V.N. Gokani, P.B. Doctor, J.R. Parikh, P.K. Kulkarni, and H.N. Saiyed. “Green tobacco sickness among Indian tobacco harvesters and their prevention”. In “Tobacco Control In India”, in “Report on Tobacco Control In India“ In Chapter 4, Health Consequences of Tobacco Use in India, Sub-Chapter 4.8: 115-117, 25th November, 2004, edited by K. Srinath Reddy and Prakash C. Gupta jointly undertaken by HRIDAY, New Delhi & Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India and jointly supported by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, USA & World Health Organization.

  5. Doctor, P. B., Gokani, V. N., Kulkarni, P. K., Parikh, J. R. and Saiyed, H. N. Determination of nicotine and cotinine in tobacco harvester’s urine by solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography. J. Chromatography B. Biomedical Application, 802/2 (2004) 323.

  6. Ghosh, S.K., Bhatnagar, V.K., Doctor, P.B., Shah, M.P., Amin, R.J. and Kulkarni, P.K. Cotinine, thioether and glucuronide excretion among active and passive bidi smokers in India. Arch Environ Health 58 (2003) 368.

  7. Doctor, P.B. and Ghosh, S.K. Toxicity assessment of textile dye contaminated effluents before and after the treatment. Indian J Environ Protect 21 (2001) 431.

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  9. Doctor, P.B., Ghosh, S.K., Derasari, A., Kulkarni, P.K. Microtox response to river water contaminated with azodyes. Asian J Microb Biotechnol Environ Sci 2 (2000) 51.

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  13. Gokani, V.N., Raiyani, C.V., Doctor, P.B., Desai, N.M., Nigam, S.K. and Kashyap, S.K. Detection of genotoxic activity in particulate air pollulants. Ind Aerosol Sci Technol Assoc Bull 6(1993) 79.