Dr. Sunil Kumar
Scientist 'G' & Director-in-Charge
National Institute of Occupational Health,
(Indian Council of Medical Research),
Meghani Nagar, Ahmedabad 380016, India.
Email: director-nioh{AT}gov{DOT}in, sunilkumar{AT}icmr{DOT}org{DOT}in
Date of Birth : July 01, 1955

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s- Agra University, Agra (India) 1975 with Zoology, Botany & Chemistry.
  • Master’s - University of Garhwal, Srinagar (India) 1977, Zoology.
  • Doctorate - Univ. of Rajasthan, Jaipur (India) 1982, “Modification of radiation induced changes in the peripheral blood and its modification by MPG (2-mercaptopropionyl glycine) in mice. Mentor Prof. P Uma Devi.

Research Experience

  • Scientist-G, National Institute of Occup Health, (ICMR) Ahmadabad Sept. 2008-Contd
  • Scientist-F (Dy Director, Sr-Gr), Div of Reproductive & Cyto toxicology, National Institute of Occup Health, (ICMR) Ahmadabad July 2001-Aug 2008.
  • Coordinator-Environment Information System (ENVIS)-NIOH, Centre, June 2007–2011.
  • Assistant Director/Deputy Director, National Institute of Occupational Health, (ICMR) Ahmedabad (India) Jan 1994-2001.
  • Sr Research Officer/Assistant Director- Regional Medical Research Centre, NE Region (ICMR), Dibrugarh, India, Nov. 1984 to July 1990.
  • Research Officer & In-charge, Division of Radiation Biology, Amala Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Trichur, Kerala, 1983-Nov.1984.
  • Tech. Asst / Senior Research Fellow / Research Associate (UGC-ICMR projects) –, Univ of Rajasthan, Jaipur 1978 to 1982.

Membership/Fellowship of Professional Bodies

  • Life Member, Indian Society of Haematology & Blood Transfusion, 1983.
  • Life Member, Indian Association of Radiation Protection, 1984.
  • Life Member, Indian Association for Radiation Biology, 1990.
  • Fellow and Life member, Academy of Environmental Biology, India 1990.
  • Life Member, Laboratory Animal Science Association of India, 1995.
  • Life Member National Academy of Sciences (MNASc.), Allahabad, India 2001.
  • Life member Environmental Mutagen Society of India, 2006
  • Life Member , Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad, 2009
  • Life Member , Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility, 2011.


Awards/ Prize etc./Recoginitions

  • Received Ist Prize in “All India Science Essay Competition by Hindi Vigyan Sahatiya Parishad, BARC, Bombay (1982).
  • Recipient of the Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize (a young Scientist Award below the age of 40 yrs) for the year 1984 of ICMR for significant research contribution in the field of Chemical Radiation Protection
  • Received the JEB Prize (Young Scientist Award) of the Academy of Environmental Biology, India for the year 1990 in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of Chemical Radiation protection and protection against the toxicity of Anticancer drugs at Rewa, MP (India)
  • FAEB, Fellow, Academy of Environmental Biology, India 1990.
  • ICMR awarded International Fellowship for the Sr Scientist, for year 2007-08 availed at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA.
  • MCI New Delhi nominated member of Committee to draft Curriculum for PG course in occupational Health,2010-11
  • DST nominated as GLP inspector for GLP evaluation, 2008-2009
  • CPCSEA Main nominee of IAEC of various organizations such as Veterinary, Medical, Pharmacy Colleges, Res institutes and Pharma industries of Gujarat.
  • CPCSEA Main nominee for inspection of animal houses of various organizations of Gujarat.

Other Scientific Recognition

  • PhD Guide recognized by Gujarat Univ, Ahmedabad, in Life Sciences, 2001.
  • PhD Guide recognized by Amrita Vishva Vidhyapeetham, Coimbatore in the Medical Sci, 2004
  • PhD Guide recognized by Kadi Sarva VishwaVidyalaya, Gandhinagar, in Bio-Technology, Ahmedabad, August 2010
  • Inaugurated UGC & ICMR Sponsored National Symposium Genetics and Family Welfare Oct 14th & 15th 2008 Organized by Human Genetics Division, PG Dept. of Zoology, St. Aloysius College, Thrissur, Kerala
  • Examined Ph.D. Thesis of about a dozen Indian Universities:
  • Reviewed Research papers more than two dozen National and international Journals
  • Invited to act one of the judge to select best Jawarharlal Nehru exhibition 2000, 2001 to select best Natl Scientific exhibition 2003 by KV Ahemdabad,
  • Delivered an invited talk entitled “Possible etiological factors associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma”. National Conference on Recent trends in Radiation Biol and Cancer research, 17-19 October 2004, Bikaner, Rajasthan.
  • Reviewer of Research Projects of DST, CSIR received directly in 2005. In addition, also reviewed projects of various organizations such as CSIR, DOE, ICMR, DAE and DST received by the NIOH.
    Special Invitee of ICMR Task force meeting on Genomics in male Infertility 9th Feb 2005, ICMR headquarters New Delhi.
  • Paper setter of MSc part I Biochem- Human physiology & Practical examiner of MSc Biochem final yearr of Gujarat Univ, Ahmedabad. 2005,2006,2007
  • Invited by Environ Mutagen Society of India to deliver a talk on pan masala at Hyderabad, Feb 2006.
  • Delivered a talk “Environmental and Occupational exposure to Metals and Reproduction in Int conference on biomarkers in health and environment management , XXXII meeting of Environ Mutagen Soc of India, 10-12 Jan 2007
  • Nominated by DST to a member of a team for GLP Inspection of Jai Res Foundation, Vapi 26-28Th June2007, and 2008 & Orchid Research Laboratories. 27-28 August 2007.
  • Invited to deliver a talk entitled “Environ and Occupational Exposure and Reproductive Dysfunction--An overview” in Natl symposium on Teratology & Genetic Disorders. 8th Feb 2008, at BHU, Varanasi.
  • Medical Council of India nominated me as one of the members for the development of curriculum in the spatiality of occupational Health 2008.
  • Delivered Inauguration speech, Natl Symposium Genetics and Family Welfare 2008 October 14th & 15th Thrissur, Kerala
  • Invited by the Society of Radiation Biol of India to deliver a talk Role of areca nut and panmasala in the causation of oral diseases. Int Conference on Radiation Biology and Cancer Nov , 2008 Jaipur, India .
  • Kumar Sunil: Environmental pollution and Endocrine Disruptors. Int Society for research on Civilization Diseases and on Environment organized at Zoology Dept, Gujarat Univ, Ahmadabad 21st Nov, 2008
  • DST nominated for GLP Inspection of JRF Vapi laboratories & Orchid Chennai
  • CPCSEA (Control & Supervision of Experiments on Animals) Ministry of Env & Forest, Animal Welfare Div, India, nominated CPCSEA Main nominee, for the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee of the various organizations;
  • Chairman, Institutional human Ethical committee of Govt Dental college & hospital, Ahmedabad, 2011
  • Member of the committee, on PIL, High court of Gujarat with respect to death of medical personnel at BJ medical/civil hospital Ahmedabad.


Teaching Experiences

Delivered lectures related to toxicology, conducted viva voce, acted as an examiner of M.Sc. dissertation of Biomedical Toxicology, Paper setter for the M.Sc. Course in Toxicology, for the students of Gujarat University, Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences, CCS University of Meerut, UP. Acting as one of the member for the student doctoral committee at Nirma University.

Human Resource Development

  • 8 PhD thesis awarded (listed) and supervised more than 10 Masters Thesis.

  1. Prof. Girish Parmar, (MDS), PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2005.
  2. Ms. Minal Mankad, M.Sc. (Env. Sci.) PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2006.
  3. Dr. Asim Saha, MBBS, DIH, Ph.D. degree in Medical Sciences under guideship of Dr. D.M. Vasudevan and Dr. S. Kumar, 2007.
  4. Ms. Archana Kumari, MSc. (Biotechnology) PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2010.
  5. Ms. Shagufta Shaikh, MSc, MPhil (Zoology) PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2012.
  6. Mr. Mayur Joshi, MSc. (Zoology) PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2012.
  7. Ms. Shiva Murarka, MSc. Biotechnology Entitled ‘Role of Oxidative stress, Lifestyle and Environmental factors in human male reproduction’ University, Ahmedabad 2012.
  8. Dr. RR Tiwari MD (PSM), PhD awarded in Life Sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2013.


(About 100 Original papers/ review articles published in various National and International Journals).
A list of selected 50 publications

  1. Uma Devi P & Kumar S: Radioresponse of peripheral blood and its modification by MPG in mice I Erythrocytes. Strahlentherapie (Germany), 157: 63-65 (1981).
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Book edited and written

  • Environmental and occupational Exposures and –Reproductive impairments. Eds Sunil Kumar and RR Tiwari, Daya publ House , New Delhi, 2010.