About Seminar

In the current era of urbanization and industrialization the workforce of the country is increasing in the diversified occupations. These occupations while one hand provide livelihood to the worker. While deteriorated work environment might also be responsible for deterioration of the productivity/Quality. In these environmental factors where the worker is supposed to work is also playing a major role in the productivity of the worker as well as also making them more prone towards the occupational hazards. Thus there ought to be awareness and motivation in the workers to work safely at their workplaces. The objectives of this seminar is:

-: To provide a platform for discussion, sharing and exchange of ideas and insights on issues related to environmental and occupational health.

-: To achieving common agreement on the most practical and realistic mechanism in strengthening the health and safety of human beings.

-: To encourage networking by bringing together parties involved in environmental and occupational health from various national agencies and      institutions.

-: To emphasize and promote recent and modern practices in the field of environmental and occupational health.