Guest House Booking

All guests are requested to send the accommodation request application duly forwarded by the Competent Authority as per available performa on the website to following email:

Guest House Whom to send Email
NIOH Ahmedabad Director director-nioh[at]gov[dot]in
ROHC(S) Bangalore Officer-in-Charge ravichandran[dot]b[at]gov[dot]in
ROHC(E) Kolkata Officer-in-Charge pradhan[dot]ck[at]gov[dot].in

The terms and conditions for booking accommodation in guest house. Guest House Accommodation of the Institute and its centres is provided with these conditions that the inmate persons will strictly abide by the guest house rules currently in force or as may be enforced from time to time.

  1. Booking should be made at least 10 days before the schedule of visit, duly forwarded by the Competent Authority of the concerned Institute/Centre.

  2. Allotment is subject to availability/eligibility and priority.

  3. The booking for outside guests (Non-ICMR) will be confirmed, depending upon the availability of the rooms.

  4. All Guests/Visitors are requested to enter the complete address/contact number in the Guest House Occupancy Register and indicate the date and time of arrival and departure (Check-in and Check-out).

  5.  All Guests/Visitors are requested to make payment before leaving the Guest House.

  6. ICMR-NIOH, ROHC(S), ROHC(E) Guest house and campus is alcohol and smoking free place. Consuming Alcohol, Smoking and other Narcotic materials are strictly prohibited. If non-compliance is found the guests will be vacated from the Guest House immediately.

  7. No Guests should see the Director for ordinary matters. Chairman of Guest House Committee is the right person for such matters. If issue is not addressed or not resolved issue still persists then they may approach the Director through Chairman Guest House Committee.

  8. Room furniture and electrical fittings are required to be maintained by the guests in good condition. If any Breakage/Damage is caused by guests, the loss will be recovered from the concerned.

  9. Guests are not allowed to cook anything in their rooms. Eating inside the room is not allowed.

  10. No guests are allowed to engage a private servant or pet animals.

  11. Only the individual allotted should be allowed to stay in the Guest House/Room. All visitors shall return back from the Guest Houses by 22:00 Hrs.

  12. Light / Fan / Air Conditioner / Water Heater / TV must be switched off when not in use. Due care must be taken for economic usage of electrical appliances.

  13. Guests, in their own interest, are advised not to keep excess cash or any valuables in their guest rooms. They are cautioned to be very careful about safety of their belongings. Institute shall not be responsible for the loss of such items due to theft or otherwise.

  14. The bed-sheets and pillow covers will be changed every week for the stay beyond one week / changeover of guest. Neat upkeep is the responsibility of guests.

  15. Male guests are strictly forbidden from entering the ladies guest rooms and vice-versa.

  16. The guests shall strictly adhere to Canteen timing (Tea - 09:00 to 09:30 AM, Breakfast - 11:00 to 11:30 AM, Lunch -01:00 to 02:00 PM, Evening Tea & Snacks - 04:00 to 04:30 PM and Dinner -As per request.)

  17. Unruly behavior with guest house staff/ canteen staff shall be strictly avoided.

  18. The guests when they are outside ICMR-NIOH/ROHC campus should take care about their own safety. In case any eventualities outside guest house campus (other than official visits) the institute shall not take any responsibility

For any query please contact

Name Designation Phone Email
Dr D P Singh Scientist-B and Chairman 079-22688847 singh[dot]dpratap[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in, niohguesthouse[at]gmail[dot]com