Ph D Program

Ph. D. Enrollment

  • The Institute’s scientists are recognized for Ph.D. supervision by the various universities. The university conducts entrance examination and course work during their Ph.D..
  • The Ph. D. topic is finalized by the scholar and guide followed by its approval in the Research and Development Committee (RDC) of the respective university. The work carried out during the Ph. D. is approved by the university through the RDC.

Ph. D. Guide at NIOH Ahmedabad

Name Subject University
Dr. L K Sharma Computer Science Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Dr P Sivaperumal Chemistry, Forensic Science Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Chemistry Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar
Dr G Singh Forensic Science Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Toxicology Raksha Shakti University, Ahmedabd
Dr Nibedita Naha Life Science Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Dr S D Mishra Statistics Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

Ph. D. Guide at ROHC(S) Bangalore

Name Subject University
Dr. B Ravichandran Environmetal Science, Biotechnology Kuvempu University, Shivamogga

Ph. D. Guide at ROHC(E) Kolkata

Name Subject University
Dr Amit Chakrabarti Medicine Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok
Medicine KIIT University, Bhubneshwar
Dr Asim Saha Medicine Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad
Medicine KIIT University, Bhubneshwar

Present Research Scholars

Name Subject Title
Ms. Riddhi Thaker Life Science Exploring the association of occupational, environmental and life style factors with Spontaneous Abortion
Ms. Vinita Verma Life Science Relationship if any between oxidative stress, life style factors and preterm delivery
Ms. Mansi Gor Life Science Role of EnvironmeLntal toxicants and Gene polymorphism with respect to in vitro fertilization
Mr J Majumder Life Science Assessment of upper extremity muscular strength in wrist twisting and push-pull modes of manual tool handling in variable postures
Mrs. K Chaoba Devi Life Science Role of environmental factors and oxidative stress in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Mr S K Gupta Life Science Biochemical studies among fatty liver patients with respect to occupation and life style factors
Mr P Barfal Life Science Comparative study of occupational risk factors associated with brucellosis among veterinary personnel and farm workers in Gujarat
Ms. Hemal Desai Computer Science Empirical Approach to Descriptive and Predictive Modeling Techniques of Data Mining in Health Informatics
Mr. Meet Shah Computer Science Cluster modeling approach for service discovery enhancement in internet of things
Mr. Ankit Chhatbar Computer Science Development of analytical tool for big data
Mr. Abhishek Rao Chemistry Comparative study of occupational risk factors associated with brucellosis among veterinary personnel and farm workers in Gujarat
Ms Divya V. Kottadiyil Chemistry Assessment of Chemical Pollutants in Biological, Environmental and Food Samples For Their Impact on Human Health
Ms Karuna D. Gaikwad Chemistry Human Biomonitoring: Assessment of Pesticide Exposures in Agricultural Workers
Ms. Aparna Kinhikar Chemistry Identification of Biomakrers in pesticide poisoning in farmers of west Maharashtra Region
Mr. Avinash S Gaikwad Environment Science Assessment of genotoxicity among unorganized occupational group workers using biological markers
Mr. Sharbo Mukherjee Physiology A physiological study on occupation related health hazards of male bus drivers in West Bengal
Ms. Vishakha Srimali Life Science Dopamine D2 receptor and nicotinic acetylcholine receptor targeting of brain cells by specific blockers for modulating adverse effects of tobacco smoking and nicotine exposure
Gokul Manikyavachagam Life Science Selective targeting of brain cells by dopamine D1 receptor and BDNF receptor blockers for pharmacological modulation of smoking tobacco and nicotine exposure

List of scholars awarded Ph. D. during past 3 years

Name Subject Title Year
Dr Kishore P Madhwani Life Science Workplace ergonomics designs for safer working in corporate offices 2018
Ms. Sweta Sharma Toxicology Poisoning scenario in Gujarat and Methods to detect it 2018
MsKhushbu Vaghela Life Science Study of Thyroid hormones and Lifestyle factors in male infertility 2017
Mr. Somnath Sen Environement Science Exposure Assessment of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Biological Monitoring of their Metabolites in Different Occupational Group Workers 2017
Ms. Pavani Siriguri Computer Science Fuzzy logic based student teacher evaluation in higher education system 2016
Sk. Mobarak Hossain Life Science Respiratory response to tobacco dust exposure among the biddi binders 2016
Mr. Debranjan Dutta Life Science Epidemiology of prescription opioid abuse in Sikkim 2015
Ms Sapna Sedha Life Science Reproductive and Biochemical alterations in male rats treated with di-isobutyl Phthalate and di-isononyl Phthalate 2015
Mr Rais Ahmed Life Science Studies on Reproductive Dysfunction and Biochemical Alteration in Male Rats Treated with di-n-butyl Phthalate and Benzyl Butyl Phthalate 2015
Mr. JB Vyas Life Science Heavy metal toxicity due to children toys 2015
Dr RR Tiwari Life Science Health hazards in silica exposed workers 2015
Ms.Shiva Murarka Life Science Role of Oxidative stress, life style & environmental factors in human male reproduction 2015