Physiology and Ergonomics


  • Undertake research programmes in the field of occupational ergonomics, health, productivity and safety at workplace, environmental ergonomics and related areas.

Name Designation Email
Dr J Majumder Scientist-D majumder.j[at]gov[dot]in
Dr S P Ashtekar Sr. Technical Officer ashtekar.sp[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri S Kotadiya Technical Officer[at]gov[dot]in
Smt. B G Shah Technician 'B'[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Vikki R Kotherkar MTS (Tech)  

Functions of the Division

  • Recent research programmes encompass research studies among workers in iron foundries, ceramic industries, wood & iron handicrafts; work study, method study, time study analysis techniques, etc. The department had undertaken studies in the field of human strength, balance of stability, Basic Occupational Health Services etc. Present interest goes in Occupational health and safety in the unorganized sector.

On Going Project

  • Magnitude of upper extremity muscular strength during manual hand-tool operations in wrist-twisting and push-pull modes in carpentry work

  • Scaling up of the implementation of essential interventions for occupational health in BOHS through Primary Health Care system

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  • Force Plateform

  • Smart Motion Capture

  • EMG Machine

  • EYE Tracking System

  • Testing & Rehabiliation system

  • Clinical Audiometer

  • Thermal microclimate analyser

  • Heat stress monitor

  • Thermal Imaging camera

  • Spirometer (PFT Machine)

  • Anthropometer

  • Stadiometer

  • Skin fold caliper

Future Programmes

  • Ergonomic design intervention in dust collection and filtration system in stone cutting mines

  • Occupational health status and alteration of ergonomical determinants at workplace among tribals

  • Ergonomic intervention for the artisans of textile block printing and metal crafts

Project Completed

  1. Knowledge, attitude and perception of young Indian men about gender discrepancy at work and towards females

  2. Identification of health & safety tool kits to the artisans of wood & iron crafts

  3. Health of workers working in iron foundries as well as ceramic industries

  4. Community health indicators of risk assessment at Ganjam, Odisha

  5. Balance and stability in MMH tasks

  6. Metric and kinetic assessment of hand-arm-shoulder force during manual screwing and drilling operation

  7. Biophysical geospatial prediction of heat stress and strain with reference to climatic vulnerability of population in the region of Western India

  8. Work practices and health hazards of women in fish processing workers in the coastal regions

  9. Industrial and dress footwear characteristics and its influence on postural stability (Electromyographic and stabiliometric analysis)

  10. Electromyographic and biomechanical analysis of VDU operators in relation to postural stress and musculoskeletal discomfort

  11. Identifying programme elements for OSH development in selected informal occupation in rural India

  12. Ergonomics of human-computer interaction compatibility assessment

  13. Biomechanics of sitting — influence of seat features and modes of sitting

  14. Gender issues affecting health of women working in unorganized sectors

  15. Biophysical Human Model for Heat Stress and Strain Assessment

  16. Applicability of thermal indices in human heat tolerance assessment

  17. The spinal and para-spinal muscle loading in different sitting mode in a chair-desk complex

  18. Shift work in the Hot Environment

  19. Development of Multi-Method Ergonomics Review Technique

  20. Ergonomic analysis of stresses of women working in telecommunication