Occupational Hygiene


  • The main objective of Occupational Hygiene Division is to critically evaluate the health hazards like dust, fumes, vapours, gases, heat, noise, illumination, radiation etc. which arises from work environment and to suggest suitable preventive and control measures for protection and promotion of worker’s health, protection of environment and contribution to safe and sustainable development.

Name Designation Email
Dr. Kuldip Upadhyay Scientist-B upadhyay[dot]kul[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot].in
Mr. M. Idrish Shaikh Technician 'C' shaikh[dot]mi[at]gov[dot]in
Mr. Suresh Parmar Technician 'B' parmar[dot]sm[at]gov[dot]in
Ms. Sanghpriya Gautam Technician 'A' sanghpriya[dot]g[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot].in
Mr. Ratnesh Vala Technician 'A' ratnesh[dot]v[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot].in
Mr. Vijay Patni Laboratory Attendant patni[dot]vs[at]gov[dot]in

Functions of the Department

  • To plan and execute the research projects to evaluate the health hazards and suggest or recommend intervention and preventive measures to minimize the levels of hazards in the working environment for wellbeing of worker’s health among organised and organised sectors.

  • To develop engineering control devices to minimise the hazard exposure level below permissible limits.

  • Environmental and biological monitoring of toxic pollutants like heavy metals and persistent organic compounds.

  • To organize educational and awareness programmes/workshops for the workers, NGOs, Supervisors, Medical Officers, Factory Inspectors, Industrial Physicians and Safety Officers.

On Going Project

  • Serum copper binding capacity and specific enzymatic activity as potential indicators of copper status in occupational exposure
  • Evaluation of lead exposure among e-waste handlers

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  • Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer, Model : AAnalyst 800, Make : M/s Perkin Elmer, USA Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (MIR), Model : MB 104, Make: BOMEM, Canada.
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (MIR + NIR), Model : Vector-33, Make: BRUCKER, Germany.
  • Analytical Balance, Detection Limit: 0.01mg, Make: M/s Metlar Detection Limit: 0.1mg, Make: M/s Sartorius
  • Microwave Digestion System, Model : Ethos 1600, Make: Milestone.
  • Muffle Furnace, Temp. Capacity : up to 1200 oC, Make: Tempo.
  • Centrifuge, Model: R8C, Make: Remi.
  • Personal samplers for environmental monitoring, Make SKC
  • High Volume Samplers, Make: Netel Chromatograph
  • Vertical elutriators for cotton dust

Future Programmes

Project Completed

  • Programme on Trace Metals Exposure and Toxicology
  • WHO/UNEP Programme on Human Exposure Assessment Location (HEAL)
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring Programme on Nickel Contents
  • Health surveillance, health status and hygiene survey of Modi Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd., Alwar, Rajasthan.
  • Environmental cum medical survey in Cement Works, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Cotton dust exposure in India
  • Asbestos exposure in India.
  • Indo-US Collaborative Programme on Biological Markers of Manganese Exposure and Effect in Manganese Exposure Mines
  • A Pilot Study on Occupational Health Problems of Salt Manufacturing Workers in Little Rann (Desert) of Kutchh
  • Prevention, Control and Treatment of Silicosis and Silico-tuberculosis in Agate Industry
  • Health hazards in and around silver foundries in Ahmedabad

Publications and Research Reports