Animal House

CPCSEA, New Delhi Registration No. 111/GO/RBi/S/99/CPCSEA


  • To cater the need of research departments of the institute for laboratory animals and providing technical assistance.
  • To organise the IAEC meeting routinely to make assure the welfare of Laboratory animals as per CPCSEA guideline.

Name Designation Email
Dr. R R Palkhade Scientist 'C' rajendra[dot]palkhade[at]gov[dot]in
Mr. J G Parmar Technician 'C' parmar[dot]jg[at]gov[dot]in
Mr. G P Kamble Technician 'B' gp[dot]kamble[at]gov[dot]in

Functions of the Department

  • Maintenance of experimental animals.
  • Assistance in conducting experiments on Laboratory animals

On Going Project

  1. Occupational Health Risk among Veterinarians and associated workers
  2. Toxicological evaluation of acephate 50% and imidacloprid 1.8% in rats
  3. Role of cattle in transmission of leptospirosis in villages of South Gujarat

Future Programmes

  • Animal Facility is under up-gradation

Project Completed

Publications and Research Reports

  1. Rajendra Palkhade, Suresh Yadav, SukhDev Mishra, Jaseer Muhamed (2018). Acute oral toxicity of pesticide combination (acephate 50% and imidacloprid 1.8% as active ingredients) in Sprague-Dawley rats. Veterinary World (PubMed Indexed) (accepted)
  2. Rajendra Palkhade, Pankaj Burfal, Suresh Yadav, Awandkar SP, A. Pagdhune (2018). Epididymo-Orchitis in a Veterinary Physician: A Case of Occupational Brucellosis. J Foodborne and Zoonotic Dis, 6(1):05-07.
  3. Rajendra Palkhade, Jangade CR (2016). Screening of Analgesic and Antipyretic Activity of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extracts of Aloe vera Linn. Veterinary Research International, 4(2): 67-73.