Name of Department

Division of Toxicology


  • Assessment of reproductive function in occupationally exposed workers.
  • To note the cytological changes and biomarkers of exposure.
  • To conduct experimental toxicological studies especially on reproductive system.
  • To suggest appropriate preventive measures.
  • To impart training and/or demonstration for different laboratory techniques.

Functions of the Department

  • To study the reproductive function of male and female, biological markers and semen quality of exposed workers and carry out controlled experimental studies.
  • To study oral mucosal and cytogenetic alteration among chewers of areca nut and tobacco
  • To look for the feto, geno and reproductive potential of panmasala using experimental system
  • To collect and disseminate the information
  • To suggest appropriate preventive measures and to impart training

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Dr. Gyanendra Singh
Scientist 'B'
Dr. D. P. Chaturvedi
Scientsit 'B'
chaturvedi.dp{AT} icmr {DOT}gov{DOT}in
Mr. Y. Verma
Technical Officer 'A'
Ms.K Chaoba Devi
Technical Officer 'A'
Ms. Sanghpriya Gautam
Technician 'A'
Mr. Sagar Dalwadi
MTS (Tech)

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

The laboratory is manned to carry out human and experimental toxicological studies, semen analysis as well as cytological changes. Air-conditioned room is available for housing cryostat (IEC, USA) and research microscopes. The following equipments are available.

  1. Cryostat (IEC, USA)
  2. Microscope with Fluorescence and digital camera (Leica, Germany)
  3. Advanced Research Microscope (Zenawal, Germany)
  4. Get Electrophoresis (HE 99X, Amersham Biosciences)
  5. Semen Quality Analyzer(SQA - || - CP)
  6. Refrigerated Centrifuge(3 -18 k, Sigma)
  7. Elisa Reader (microplate Spectrophotometer, Bio-Tek, USA)
  8. Shaking water bath (Julabo)
  9. Digital balance (Mettler Toledo, Germany)

On going Proejcts

  • Experimental studies on Geno and Fetotoxicity of Panmasala (DST adhoc Project).
  • Load of environmental metals in pregnant women and reproductive outcome (ICMR SRF Project)
  • Effects of panmasala on the oral hard and soft tissues (ICMR adhoc Project).
  • Evaluation of cytogenetic damage among chewers of areca nut and tobacco.

Future Programmes

  • A study on health effects of mercury exposure in human among dental professionals and workers exposed to mercury
  • Environmental and occupational exposure and reproductive function.
  • Studies on phthalate compounds on male reproductive system of rat


Project Completed

  1. Effect of cypermethrin on reproductive system of mouse.
  2. Toxicity of metals especially lead on male reproductive system
  3. Effects of welding on human health with special reference to reproductive and thyroid function.
  4. Studies on reproductive impairment and micronuclei in the buccal mucosa cells of chromium exposed workers.
  5. Pan masala induced changes in the testicular tissue and sperm morphology of mouse.
  6. Experimental studies on endosulfan with reference to reproductive dysfunction.
  7. Role of areca nut and pan masala chewing in the causation of oral diseases in human.
  8. Role of environmental chemicals on human male reproductive system


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Miscellaneous Information: Unpublished Research Reports

  • Dr. Sunil Kumar received the Shakuntala Amir Chand Prize (a young Scientist Award for iomedical Scientist) for the year 1984 of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for significant research contribution in the field of Chemical Radiation Protection.
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar received the JEB Prize (Young Scientist Award) of the Academy of Environmental Biology, India for the year 1990 in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of Chemical Radiation Protection and protection against the toxicity of anticancer drugs at the inaugural function of the 12th Session of the Academy, December 1991 at Rewa, M.P.(India)
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar is recognized as Ph.D guide in Life Science by the Gujarat University, Ahmedabad and Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham (Deemed University), Kochi, Kerala in Medical Sciences.
  • Ms. Archna Kumari, SRF, DST received the Best PAPER award at national seminar on Teratology & genetic Disorders, BHU, Varanasi in 2008. Paper entitled "Germ cell mutagenic potential of panmasala in male Swiss albino mice".

Ph. D. degree awarded under Supervision of Dr Sunil Kumar

  • Dr Girish Parmar, MDS : Role of areca nut and panmasala in the causatin of oral diseases in human. Ph.D. in life sciences, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2005
  • MS. Minal Mankad, M.Sc. Environ Sci: The role of environmental chemicals in human reproduction Ph.D. in life Science, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 2007.
  • Dr Asim Saha, MBBS, DIH: A study of determinant in the causation of occupational accidents. Ph. D. in Medical Sciences,Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham University.

Research project with Dr Sunil Kumar as PI or Guide- last 5 years

  • ICMR SRF project "Role of Environmental Chemicals in Human male reproduction". Sept 2003-March 2006
  • Department of Science and Technology Project on "Experimental studies on geno and feto toxicity of Panmasala" 2005 - cont..
  • ICMR SRF Project "Load of Environmental metals in pregnant women and reproductive outcome" May 2006 - cont..
  • ICMR Project- "Effects of Panmasala on the oral hard abnd soft tissues" Jan 2008-cont..