Name of Department

Radiology Laboratory

Objective / Function of the Department

  • Radiology Laboratory as a central facility at the Institute.It can be mobilised to carry out Radiological Investigations in the epidemiological studies related to hazardous working environment and all other projects in the field.

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Dr. H. G. Sadhu
Scientist 'F'
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Technician 'C'
Mr. B. B. Patel
Technician 'B'

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  1. X Ray generator 500mA capacity (Schimadzu).
  2. Autoprocessor for X Ray film development.
  3. Densitometer.

On going Proejcts

  • As a central facility,it is being put to use as and when required for the various studies of the institute

Future Programmes


Project Completed

  1. Silicosis: Silicosis was studied among following industries:
    • Slate pencil industries
    • Agate industries
    • Quartz grinding industries
    • Stone quarries.
  2. Asbestosis: Asbestosis was studied in:
    • Asbestos cement industries
    • Asbestos textile industries
    • Asbestos mining and milling industries
  3. Other Occupational Morbidities


Publications and Research Reports

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Papers presented at various seminars/conferences

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Miscellaneous Information