Name of Department

Department Occupational Psychology


  • The division works with objective to evaluate and quantify behavioural changes and work performance efficiency, caused by adverse complex work environment involving certain factors such as noise, heat, illumination, toxic chemicals, etc., independently or in combination of one or more factors, in order to promote human well being and prevent or ameliorate functional impairment.

Functions of the Department

  • Noise pollution and its effects on cognitive functions, neuromuscular co-ordinations, neurobehavioral functions, etc,.
  • Hearing conservation of workers exposed to noise in industries.
  • Effects of circadian rhythm (Times of Day) on human work performance.
  • Psychological Stress at work
  • Synergistic effects of noise, heat and illumination.
  • Controlled laboratory experiments in Acoustic chamber and Illumination chamber on human performance efficiency .

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Scientist 'C'
Dr. G. K. Yadav
Technical Officer 'A'
Mr. M. R. Mishra
Technician 'C'
Mrs. I. U. Megha
Technician 'B'
Ms. M. J. Solanki

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  1. Sound Level meter, Noise Dose Meter, Audiomete (M/S Arphi.Ltd.)
  2. Lux Meter
  3. Reaction Timer
  4. Purdue hand precision Test
  5. Illumination Chamber
  6. Acoustic Chamber
  7. Eye and Hand Co-ordination test
  8. Finger Dexterity Test
  9. Hand Steadiness Test.


Project Completed

  1. Evaluation of comfort of indigenous hearing rotective devices.
  2. Cognitive efficiency as a function of time of day.
  3. Evaluation of psychological stress in workers.
  4. Interaction of illumination and noise on Neuro-psychological Functions.
  5. Evaluation of neuro-psychological functions in lead workers.
  6. Noise Exposure Survey in Offshore Installations (Bombay High).
  7. The effect of Lead in Children-Psychological Evaluation.
  8. Interaction Effects of Noise, Illumination and Time of day on Human Work Performance.

Publications and Research Reports


Miscellaneous Information

  • Assisted in INDO-US Collaborative Project "The Effects of Lead in Children and Adolescent Development and Puberty".