Name of Department

Poison Information Centre


  • To reduce morbidity and mortality from toxic exposures.
  • To prevent poisoning through toxicovigilance

Functions of the Department

Established in the year 1993 with technical collaboration of IPCS/WHO, the Poison Information Centre provides toxicological information and consultation in acute poisoning other activities of the centre includes :

  • Laboratory support in the acute poisoning cases
  • Research
  • Teaching and training
  • Publication of information cards
  • Toxicovigilance

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Scientist 'B'
Mr. K. A. Patel
Technical Assiatant
Mr. N. A. Suthar
Technician 'C'
Mr. Kundan Kunal
Technician 'C'

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  1. Besides the basic laboratory equipments like analytical balance, chemistry analyzer, deep freeze, etc., the laboratory also possesses the laboratory equipments like HPTLC, Desaga, Germany;
  2. UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Cary-100, Varian, Australia;
  3. Table Top cold centrifuge, Hettich 32 R, Germany.

On going Proejcts

  • Pesticides poisoning database
  • Hazardous processes and chemicals-Database generation documentation and information dissemination
  • Cholinesterase and paraoxonase patterns in organophosphate (OP) poisoning.

Future Programmes

  • Pesticide exposures in farm workers- Phase I – Chili cultivators of Gujarat

Project Completed

  1. Investigation of mass poisoning due to endosulfan at Jabalpur

Publications and Research Reports


Miscellaneous Information

  1. Global Pesticide Poisoning database