Name of Department

Division of Pesticide


  • Evaluate risk following pesticide exposure

Functions of the Department

  • Pesticide residue analysis &¬† Health risk assessment

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Scientist 'D'
Mr. D. Kumar
Technician 'C'
Ms. Tejal Manvar
Technician 'C'
Mr. C. G. Parmar

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  • GC (Agilent 6890N), GC Head Space Sampler (Perkin Elmer AutoXL)
  • GCMS Clarus-500
  • Shimadzu GC 2010
  • Shimadzu HPLC (Prominence)
  • Varian GCMS-2000
  • Solvent Extraction System (Etho-Sel)
  • Solvent Evaporator (Turbovap-LV)

On going Proejcts

  • Cancer in North East India- Understanding the role of Pesticides.
  • Assessment of Human Exposure to PCBs through Biological Monitoring.
  • Pesticide exposure amongst Formulators and Health Effects.
  • Monitoring of Pesticides Residues at National Level.

Future Programmes

  • Assessment of health risk in high risk population groups exposued to organophosphate and carbonate insecticides in field conditions.


Project Completed

  1. Analysis of sugar samples for pesticide residues.
  2. Environmental Impact Assesment study near UCIL, Bhopal due to improper Disposal of Toxic waste- A Pilot Study
  3. Assessment of persistent organic pollutants - PCDDs and PCDFs in biological media
  4. Studies on Pesticide formulators.
  5. Studies on benzidine (BZ) and BZ based dyes.
  6. Health surveillance studies in workers associated with the production of organophosphate insecticides.
  7. Health surveillance studies in sprayers of cyfluthrin, DDT and malathion in field conditions.
  8. Health effects of methomyl, a carbamate insecticide in sprayers.
  9. Assessment of human exposure to selected organochlorine insecticides especially DDT and BHC through biological monitoring.
  10. Pesticide Pollution due to chlorinated insecticides especially DDT in the environment of man and other livestock in the country - DST funded project.
  11. NMEP malaria program study on DDT sprayers.
  12. NMEP malaria program study on BHC sprayers.

Publications and Research Reports

Over 70

Miscellaneous Information