Name of Deparment

Division of Microbiology


  • Bioaerosol monitoring of agricultural and industrial environment and its relation to occupational lung diseases.
  • To monitor the mutagenic compounds from biological and environmental samples using microbial test systems as exposure indicator.
  • Analysis of causative agents of biological and chemical origin..

Functions of the Departments

  • To fulfill the above-mentioned objectives by carrying out field as well as laboratory studies.

Details of Scientific & Technical staff





Dr. Mugdha Tiwari Scientist 'C'  
Scientist 'B'
Dr. (Ms.) P. A. Vyas
Ms. Dharti Parmar
Technician 'C'
Mr. M. T. Makwana
Technician 'B'
Mr. J. G. Makwana


Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

Basic facilities Microbiology

Balance (Metler), pH meter, Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate(Remi), Cyclomixer (REMI), Incubator &laboratory Oven(Tempo), Laboratory Autoclave( Vertical) (portable as well as stationary) (Yorco), Centrifuge machine (Remi), Water bath shaker (Yorco), Filter assembly ( Miipore), Refrigerator (Godrej).
Laminar flow ( Klenzeid), Bio safe biological safety cabinet (Yorco),
-20° C deep freezer (Remi),-40oC Ultra Low Temp Cabinet ( Cryoscientific) , –85oC Ultra deep freezer( Jouan), Cryocan for Liquid Nitrogen( LN 2)

Instruments for Microbiological study

1. Andersen-6- stage viable sampler
2. Inverted Microscope (Lietz, Germany)
3. MicrotoxTM Toxicity Analyser, Model 2055 (Beckman Instruments Inc., USA)
4. Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)

Analytical instruments

1. Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS System (API 3000) Applied Biosystems MDS/Sciex
2. Binary Gradient HPLC System (Shimadzu, Japan) with Rheodyne Injector (CTO-10ASVP), (Liquid pump, LC-10 ATVP, Photo Diode Array Detector (SPD-10 ASVP), Fluorescence Detector (RF-10AXL) and Column Oven
3. Vac Elute (Varian, USA)
4. Ultrasonication Bath (Elma, Germany)

On going Proejcts

  • Cancer in North East India: Understanding the Role of Tobacco (Multi centric ICMR Project).

Future Programmes

  • Establishment of P3 facilities in the laboratory and to carry out studies related to zoonotic diseases, biodegradation, agricultural dust diseases etc.


Project Completed

  4. Effectiveness of polyethylene disposable hand gloves for prevention of "Green Tobacco Sickness among Tobacco Harvesters"
  5. Aerobiological problems associated with airborne fungal communities among grain handlers with special reference to airborne aflatoxins- Rice mill and maize processing industries
  6. Studies of biodegradation of crude oil and metal biosorption
  7. Toxicity screening and exposure assessment using microbes as sensor organisms-Microtox, Motility test and growth zone inhibition
  10. Occupational Health Problems of Tobacco Harvesters & their Prevention (Sponsored by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)
  11. Health Risk Assessment of Rural and Urban Population Due to Indoor and Ambient Air Pollution (Sponsored by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)
  12. Study on Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis – Farmer’s lung
  13. Child Labour: Occupational Health Problems, Evaluation and Control – A Study in Footwear Industry of India (Sponsored by International Labour Organization)
  14. Health status assessment of the workers engaged in diamond processing industry in Surat District” (Sponsored by Government of Gujarat)
  15. Analysis of Pesticide Residues from Sugar, Sugar Syrup and Carbonated beverages by LC-MS/MS (National Priority ICMR Project)
  16. Occupational Health Problems among Workers Dealing with Newspaper Refuse.


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Miscellaneous Information

  1. WHO sponsored Awareness programme for Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene on 29th December, 1998
  2. WHO sponsored Training Course for Primary Health centers (PHCs) Medical Officers on Occupational Health in Agricultural Sector and Rural Industries from 4-8 January, 1999
  3. Organized World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored workshop on “Formulating an action plan for occupational health in India, based on regional strategy” on 6th & 7th May 2004 and prepared a report on:

    A. Formulating a Plan of Action for Occupational Health in India

    B. National Profile on Occupational Health (update)

Booklet in Gujarati

  • Rasayano same Khatro tatha Salamati na Upayo -Dangers of Chemicals and Suggestions for Safety: pp 1-19, December,1998 prepared by J. R. Parikh, V. N. Gokani, P. B. Doctor, A. B. Patel, D.N.Gandhi and H. N. Saiyed.


  • Proc. WHO Workshop on "Occupational Health Problems in Agricultural Sector": pp 1-176, August, 1998 edited by J. R. Parikh, V. N. Gokani, P. B. Doctor, D.N.Gandhi and H. N. Saiyed.