Name of Department

Dr S.K.Chatterjee Library


  • To provide authentic information to reader.

Functions of the Department

  • To disseminate the information to reader

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Mrs. Ketki Bhatia
Library & Information Officer
ketki911{AT}yahoo{DOT}com; ketkibhatia{AT}gmail{DOT}com
Mrs. Pramukha S P
Library Information Assistant
Mr. P G Maheria
Technician 'B'
Mrs. P. H. Vora
Technician 'B'
Mr. K. G. Chauhan
Technician 'B'
Ms. Hemlata Rawat
Library Clerk

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

  • 3 story independent library building, ground floor for display of current journals along with reading area.
  • First floor for reference section,
  • Second floor for Books
  • Library Exten. wing bound journals.
  • Library has unique collection of WHO, ILO, HMSO, NIOSH, FAO, IARC, IPCS Publications in Occupational Health.
  • collection of reprints of NIOH scientist and outside international agencies.
  • Reprography services
  • Internet Surfing
  • Online Journals Sereach
  • ERMED e-journals consortium.

On going Proejcts

  • To develop the national resource center on occupation disease at NIOH.


Publications and Research Reports

Paper published By Ketki Bhatia

  1. MLAI-96 titled "Marketing of Occupational Health Information Services."
  2. MLAI-97 titled"Information Technology in Occupational Health Libraries."
  3. MLAI-98 titled" Standards for health science libraries in the area of resource development and sharing."
  4. MLAI-99 titled "Use of Telemedicine in new millennium."
  5. ILA-2001 titled” Total Quality Management in Occupational Health Library.”
  6. Paper published in SREL Journal Information Management Vol 40(3) 2003 titled “The Impact Factor: views and Evaluation” with co author Dr D N Gandhi
  7. Paper published in SREL Journal Information Management Vol 42(3) 2005 titled “ E- publishing and its role in the development of information technology.”
  8. Paper Published in Annals of Library and Information Studies Vol. 53 June 2006 p61-64 titled “Research Trends in a premier institute based on a annual report”
  9. Paper presented on Librarians day on 26th Aug 2006 at ADINET on Open access Information Resources on Internet for College & University Libraries.
  10. Bhatia Ketki and Rawal C N; Electronic Publishing: costing model and copyright: in SRELS Journal of Information Management, Vol.44 no 4 Dec. 2007 p 361-366
  11. Bhatia Ketki ; Role of Librarian in Right to Information(RTI) and Democracy: in SRELS Journal of Information Management, Vol.45 no 1 March 2008 p 11-16

Working with ENVIS Project, we have published

Monographs: DDT,Dyes and Dyes stuff, Asbestos.

Bibliographies: Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Manganese, Arsenic, Zinc

Safety Cards: Chlorine, Asbestos, Phosgene