Name of the Department

Endocrinology Department


  • Undertake research programmes in Occupationally exposed workers with solvent, chemical as well as metal and to develop specific test for early detection.

Functions of Department

  • To evaluate the effect of toxicant in respect of endocrine as well as reproductive dysfunction consequences of exposure to chemicals in laboratory animals as well as human and suggest appropriate preventive measures

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

Minimum all the equipments required for Radio immunoassay as well as laboratory work including cooling centrifuge.

Project Completed

  1. Restoration of mercuric chloride included reproductive impairment in male rats with few drugs (MPCST/MRP-Z/29/94)
  2. Experimental studies on carbon disulphide (CS2) toxicity.
  3. Environmental cum medical surveillance study in Indian Rayon Industry at Veraval.
  4. Biological and environmental monitoring as well as health surveillance of chromium (cr) in chemical industry.
  5. Toxicological studies on reproductive and neurobehavioral effect of formaldehyde
  6. Evaluation of male reproductive toxicity of metal with special reference to mercury and lead.
  7. Health status study on mercury exposure at Modi Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd., Alwar
    Studies on synthetic pyrethroids