Name of the Department

Division of Biochemistry


  • Assessment of health risk in welders with special reference to thyroid function; Intervention by engineering control.
  • To study prolactin levels and its correlation with blood content of manganese in manganese miners.
  • To impart training and/or demonstration for different laboratory techniques to students.

Functions of the Department

  • Environmental and biological monitoring of metals present in metal fumes and blood of welders, Studies with fume exhaust machine to reduce exposure and promote health of welders.
  • Studies on biomarkers of exposure, and effects.
  • Analysis of various hormones by Radioimmunoassay (RIA) in human serum/plasma.
  • To collect and disseminate the information.

Details of Scientific & Technical staff




Scientist 'C'
Mr. P. Upadhyay
Technician 'C'

Laboratory Facilities & Instruments

The laboratory is equipped with the following instruments to carry out studies on experimental animals and humans, occupationally exposed to various toxicants. Analysis of hormones by RIA is the most readily available facilities in the department. Air-conditioned room is available for housing various instruments in the department. Following equipments are available.

  1. Wallac Wizard1470 automatic Gamma counter ( Perkin-Elmer,USA)
  2. Power FREEZE TM (- 870C, 380 L, John, France)
  3. Remi K24 refrigerated centrifuge, Beckman)
  4. Flame Photometer
  5. Oven
  6. Dionex ion chromatograph (dionex IC-2500)

On going Proejcts

  • Studies on spray painters with special reference to thyriod and reproductuve hormone function
  • Assessment of health risk among spray painters with special reference to reproductive and endocrine function.
  • Collaboration with SAC approved, National and International projects, works on metals toxicity and environmental endocrine disrupters.


Project Completed

  1. Experimental studies on manganese toxicity; evaluation of bio-markers and therapeutic measures.
  2. Intervention programme among welders.
  3. Effects of welding on human health with special reference to thyroid function.

International programs (if any)

  • Assisting in INDO-US manganese neurotoxicity project with reference to neuroendocrine function; measurement of catecholamines by radioimmunoassay.

Publications and Research Reports

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Papers presented in National and International conferences/Symposium

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Miscellaneous Information

International Symposium attended

  • Presented a scientific paper entitled 'Thyroid function among welders" in the 7th Nordic Symposium on Trace Elements in Health and Disease held from 16th to 19th June, 1999 at Helsinki, FINLAND.


  • Zaidi. S.S.A., S.J. Gandhi, K.A.Patel, Kumar. S and H.N Saiyad. Studies on the levels of reproductive and thyroid hormones in spray painters. In proceeding of 92nd Indian Science Congress held at NIRMA/NIOH Ahmedabad from January 3-7, 2005.